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Paddling Lake Huron

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  1. Jacob Anderson says:

    Kayaking around the Les Cheneaux Islands was a highlight of this past summer. My fiancée and I did so several times, but one trip in particular stood out.
    The Cedarville boat launch is well maintained and provides easy access. Even with a late start to our morning, it didn’t take long before we were on the water. We used the public parking, hauled our gear to the dock (a short walk), put on out life vests and set out on the water.

    There is a moment, after all the fuss of getting ready, just sitting on the water, where you are struck with a real sense of awe by the physical beauty of the place. You can’t help but take a moment while it sets in. Then you float away your afternoon.

    As we crossed to explore the several islands and small bays, we noticed monarch butterflies were crossing too. They flew about five feet above the water and at times right over our heads.

    We got a little lost, pulled out our map and argue lightheartedly over where we were, winning only bragging rights. The place is big enough to explore, but never overwhelming. Getting back to the boat launch never felt like a chore.

    With the area’s wonderful nature and beautiful homes, bright sun and comfortable water, light boat traffic and easy paddling I cannot wait to return.

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